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Boat Motors come in Different Types

There are many different kinds of boat motors including outboard motors and inboard motors. Outboard motors use a propeller and are generally less expensive.  The Inboard boat mtor uses a rudder and the waterflow eables it to power the boat. Typically, the outboard motors uses less fuel than inboard boats.  Depending on what your are using your boat for will dictate the type of boat motor you will need.  If you want fast speed and lots of power, then an inboard is what you will want. If you go fishing in a local lake then you might be interested in an outboard boat motor. The outboard motor uses less fuel and is cheaper to operate.  If you need to service the boat engine, the outboard motor is easier to work on.  It's easy to get to the outboard motor and work on with your tools.  Another nice thing about the outboard motor is that if you are not able to fix it, you can remove it from the boat and take it to the repair shop. In addition to the basic inboard and outboat motor, there are also inboard/outboard motors and also Jet. Jet motors pump water through a nozzle at the stern. Boat Motors come in Two Stroke and Four Stroke Motors.  Some of the top brands of outboard engines are Evinrude, Mercury, Nissan, Yamaha and Tohatsu.   

These are just a few considerations to make when choosing the correct boat engine for your boat.  Other factors to look at is the size of your boat and where and what you will be using it for.

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